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Organization Services

An Eye For Order is a complete Home Organizing service. In the home, we help clear out general household clutter and organize anything that could use a little Order.

We reduce clutter and make frequently used items more accessible to simplify your life. We teach you how to make the most of limited space by giving tips and suggestions, and recommending or providing the necessary tools to do so.

BENEFITS of Organizing
  • Stress reduction within your daily life
  • Elimination of the frenzy of searching for missing items
  • Improved productivity when your surroundings are in Order
  • Money and time saved by avoiding duplicate purchases
An Eye For Order provides the following Organizational Services:
  • Helping You De-clutter with Purpose
  • Designing Efficient and Enjoyable Rooms and Spaces
  • Training You How to Maintain Organization
Residential Organizing
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Children's Rooms
  • Closet Makeover and Organization
  • Clutter Control
  • Garages / Basements / Attics
  • Garage Sale Preparation
  • Kitchen and Pantries
  • Laundry / Utility Rooms
  • Living Rooms / Family Room
  • Space Design and Organization
  • Storage Solutions
Home Office
  • Filing Systems
  • Paper Flow
  • Space Design and Organization
  • Storage Solutions
Closet Makeover and Organization
An organized closet will save you time and money. When your clothes are organized you know exactly what you have. When you go shopping, you will not waste money duplicating clothes you already have. When clothes are not stuffed into your closet, they remain wrinkle free. Wrinkle free clothes save you time slaving over an ironing board or running to the cleaners. Remember, quality over quantity.

Clutter Control;
We can help you transform any space in your home into a more efficient and enjoyable area. We will work with you to get rid of the excess, organize what you have, and determine strategies that will allow you to maintain your streamlined environment.

Garage, Basements and Attics;
These can be problematic; they become repositories for everything that has found its way into your home that you are not sure what to do with. We can help you revamp your storage space in a logical, organized way so you know what you have and you know where to find it.

Kitchen and Pantry;
Something as simple as your pantry plays a significant role in the Organization of your kitchen. When you know where items are kept in your pantry, your meal Planning is much easier and your trip to the grocery store is more cost effective purchasing only the items that are necessary and eliminating repeated trips to the store and purchases.