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Home Inventory

With a Home Inventory service you will be prepared before disaster strikes, with a complete written and digital home inventory of all your household possessions on CD.

What is a Home Inventory?
  • A complete and detailed listing of all the personal property located in your home, or stored in other structures like garages and tool sheds on your property.

Why should I have a Home Inventory?
  • Remembering all the contents of your home and garage after a fire, theft, or other disaster is practically impossible.
  • Insurance companies will require you to submit a claim on your homeowners insurance including a complete inventory of your home's possessions and property.
  • Omitting or failing to include an adequate description of an item may prevent you from receiving reimbursement from your insurance company.
  • No better time to inventory than before a move helping you with any loss that may occur at that time.
  • Will aid in filing a police report or trying to prove a loss to IRS.

What should a Home Inventory contain?
  • Quantity, description, actual cash value (if different from purchase price) and amount of loss associated with each item.
  • Copies of bills, receipts, and other documents that justify the figures in your claim.
  • Serial Numbers of appliances and electronic equipment.
  • Listing of contents of each room.

Where should I store my Home Inventory?
  • Safe Deposit Box at your local financial institution or a secure, fireproof safe.
  • An Eye For Order will store a copy of your inventory for one year.
  • We do not recommend one of the on line services as confidentiality and security are questionable.

Why should I have An Eye For Order do my Home Inventory?
  • Service includes a written documentation along with digital imaging of each room including garage, basement, attic and outside storage units.
  • An extra copy of the Inventory for your insurance company.
  • Video documentation is also available as an additional service, in addition to the digital documentation.
  • Offsite storage of a copy of the inventory at An Eye For Order for one year.
  • An Eye For Order will update your inventory at the end of the year at a discounted rate in order to keep track of new and discarded items.
  • We provide a written guarantee.
  • We are bonded and insured.